Panera Bread Hours-What Americans Are Saying About

Are you looking for Panera Bread Hours and What Americans Are Saying About the Panera Bread Restaurant?

Panera Bread Hours of Operation

Aside from the fact that the food offerings at Panera are mouth-watering, you might be interested to know how comfortable it is to stay, study, or wait for someone while sitting on a chair in one of their numerous stores  nationwide.

Panera Bread hours of operation vary from location to location.  Panera restaurants located inside malls open and close according to mall hours.

For other locations, regular operations run from 6 am to 10 pm Mondays to Saturdays.  On Sundays, they usually operate from 7 am to 9 pm.   

Panera Bread Hours of Operation

Customer Reviews

American customers have things to say about the Panera Bread restaurant, positive and negative.  If you are interested to know, featured here are five customer reviews, which can be helpful to you.

The analysis of reviews to follow may not be sufficient to give you all the important details that you want to know, and if that would be the case,

then just inquire or visit the closest branch to have a taste of the real thing. Here are some very informative and illuminating accounts of customer  experience.

Reviewer #1.  A Go-to-Study Destination

The customer here is probably a student who loves to stay and study her lessons inside a Panera restaurant.  The aspects she loves are:  delicious

food, always open, healthy options, fast and friendly service, and the restaurant’s kindness to let customers stay inside for as long as they desire.

She said that this place she’s been going to is all in all, a go-to-study destination.  She also likes the fact that she can go there at her free time

as Panera Bread hours of operation run from 6 am to 10 pm, Mondays to Saturdays.  She was even surprised to find this particular store to be open

on an Easter Sunday.

Reviewer #2.  The Delicious Chocolate Croissant

The second reviewer doesn’t consider her Panera branch to be a good place to study, unlike the first one.  She said that the place can sometimes

become rowdy, though it’s perfect for lunch and breakfast.  She observed the many families that go there along with high school students in the area.

This customer came in with her boyfriend, and together they had three chocolate croissants each.  She said she couldn’t stay too long there, or she

would keep on buying the croissants.  Everything in this location seemed perfect except the ambiance, so she gave it a 4.

Reviewer #3.  Parking a Pain in the Butt

This Panera customer loves everything about Panera except the crowded parking.  She said the parking is just a tiny lot with cramped space. Aside

from that problem, she took note of the excessive oiliness of some foods such as the Paninis.  There are, however, healthy options to have, she

added.  She called the place a haven for students, having seen tutoring sessions and study groups inside the place on a typical visit.  She observed though that the area can really get crowded during breakfast and lunch that getting a seat might prove to be difficult.

About prices, she said that Panera items are expensive.  She recommends those who want super cheap meals not to go Panera.  In her words, Panera can cause a wallet to take a dive.

Reviewer #4.  Beautiful Customer Service

Many reviews are particularly shared only to tell others how friendly and approachable the staff is.  This reviewer plans to come back if only for the excellent and professional service that he had with “a girl with shiny hair”.  He said she served her delightfully well throughout his dine time.  He will definitely return.

Reviewer #5.  Do not Go There during Peak Hours

Reviewer #5 learned her lesson well.  She wrote she doesn’t go to the place when people are in a rush.  Her Panera branch is really crowded during lunch and breakfast time.  She’s not sure about dinner.  This Panera patron laments about the usual parking situation in her branch,

especially that this branch is sitting close to a Peet’s Coffee shop.  But despite this encumbrance, she can’t stop coming over and over again for the

irresistible chicken Panini and the broccoli cheddar soup.   She said that to really enjoy the soup, she dips pieces of baguette into the soup.

Another reason she keeps coming back is the helpful and friendly Panera people.  Since the first time she came to know Panera and ate there, she

never had anything against the Panera staff.